"THE" Festival in our region

From 3rd to 7th June 2020 the hiking festival takes place the 3rd time around lake Fuschl.

Daily guided tours to some of the hotspots, presentations, canyoning tours, climbing as well as SUP-Tours or reading evenings with hiking authors and open air cinemas - details of the programm will follow (review of last years programme - in german).

Also at these days the beginning of the Biolectra 24h Trophy will take place (5th to 7th June 2020).

Friends of long term hiking can participate at an organised 12h or 24h hiking tour and are able to enjoy hiking by day and night. The route will pass cultural and natural highlights and offers catering stations as well as relax areas. Finally the finish after 12h or 24h hiking will be in Faistenau.

12h Wald und See – wo i bad´ und geh

DURATION: 12 hours
DETAILS: approx. 31,5 km | 1.400 altitude difference

DURATION: 24 hours
DETAILS: approx. 53,5 km | 3.200 altitude difference


As a certified "Wanderbetrieb" we offer all our guests free of charge or to rent:

  • hiking map
  • Rucksack
  • hiking poles
  • drink bootle
  • dryer for shoes and washstand
  • weekly guided hiking tour with guide Mr. Wolfgang Kinz
  • and our special recommendations!


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