Authentic & delectable

Cooked with love

Culinary Services

Good food. To us, that means an authentic cuisine, prepared with high-quality ingredients.

And a lot of love. Come on into one of our Bauernstuben – lovely country parlours, where you can relax by an old tiled stove or sit by the window and enjoy the view. Sit back and relax, we’ll bring your meal to your table and indulge you with down-to-earth Austrian dishes that always correspond to the present season. Here you can savour family favourites from Grandma’s cookbook as well as traditional Austrian classics. Guten Appetit!



Every morning between 8 and 10 a.m., we serve you our bountiful breakfast. You get to choose whatever you’d like from the menu, because here, we save you the bother of serving yourself from a buffet! We bring your chosen dishes straight to your table and do our best to anticipate your every wish.

During the day, you are able to order something to eat from our snack menu. We serve you cold and hot dishes, as well as cakes/tortes and ice cream sundaes (any snacks ordered are added to your bill). But the culinary culmination comes in the evening, when we serve you your 3-course half-board menu (with two main courses to choose from). We request that you take your seat at the table between 18:30 and 19:00. Weather permitting, we serve dinner on the terrace.

No restaurant service for external guests!

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